Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is A Scam?

Is for real or is it a scam? It's not a scam. is a safe  place for writers to get feedback and learn. Recognized by the industry as a helpful resource for writers. is highly recommend by published writers.


  1. It is not a scam. I have looked into this in some detail prior to becoming a writer. is a place for writers to learn and improve. It was recognized by the industry. A Writer's Digest top 101 site. It is recommended by Preditors and Editors (a site that tracks scams on writers). In fact, it was selected as a Truly Useful Site by Preditors and Editors.

    There isn't a requirement to write reviews. The site provides a "give and take" system. You get two reviews by being a member. Write reviews and you get more feedback.

    The site recognizes writers in many ways. They have a monthly Recognized Writer (a monthly prize). Rankings for the major forms of writing (poetry, stories, novels and scripts). The top writers in each of these fields get trophies at the end of the year. was formed in the year 2000. Since that time many writers have gone on to be published and attribute that to being part of You see that in the book dedications. gives writers:

    * Feedback for everything I write. Two reviews for every post even if I don't write reviews. Many, many more if I do.

    * Cash prizes for contests that are free to enter as a member. People are entering contests on the internet with no idea how the winners are chosen. No way to check if the prize is every delivered. Talk about a scam. On you are safe.

    * A profile to share (that is like Facebook), a portfolio to save your work, a community of writers to be with. And much, much, more.

    So is this in any way, shape or form a scam? I don't see how. is a great way to be a part of a writing community. To learn as a writer. To meet other writers. To showcase your writing - and perhaps win a prize.

    You think the "$10,000" prizes advertised are legitimate? Please. has many contests. They provide over 60 contests with $100 prizes throughout the year. Do the math. That's a lot of prizes to a lot of people.

    And the contests are judged by a committee. The winners announced in public. The winner entries available to be read.

    So, no, is not a scam. It's a great place to write.

  2. FanStory is not a scam. Who said it's a scam? FanStory is a great place to share your writing. I have been a member of FanStory for over 5 years. I love being part of this wonderful writing site. The writing contests provide a challenge. The feedback I receive on my poems is fantastic. I love being part of a community dedicated to writers. I highly recommend FanStory.

  3. I agree. FanStory is not a scam. is a great place to share your writing and learn from the feedback. I have learned so much since joining two years ago. I love being a part of fanstory.

  4. Fan Story IS NOT A SCAM! I actually learned a great deal about writing thanks to the member's honest and helpful reviewing. I eventually won several contests, including the one-hundred dollar 'Short Story' contest--and this from a high school drop-out.

  5. It is not a scam!Read the works and comments posted here,then judge.Why such learned and talented writers would waste thier time and effort here,if it is a scam!!!
    I joined it recently(9 days back) and I have seen enough to trust this wonderful site.

  6. This is an excellent article about I have recommended on my own webpage site & in my Twitters.

    I also am a member, an advertiser, & a poetry &/or article &/or short story contributor. I would recommend this site to anyone young or old, skilled or just beginning as a writer. It is a wonderful place to get your work noticed & commented; this is very helpful. You can also read, comment & critique other people's work or not, & by that process you learn many skills on writing, critical reading, thinking, & critiquing. I give 6 stars!

    giovanni maria tommaso, author, contributor, & critic

  7. Fanstory is not a scam. I have been a member since 2006. The true critics do not rub egos believe me they can be quite ruthless. It is all in the process of learning. You have published authors who will share their knowledge and you learn what publishers expect.

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  9. FanStory is not a scam. It is a place where you share your passion for writing with others. It is one of the few places on the Internet you can feel safe from scammers and viruses. Most people are very kind. The only unkind people are those who are not happy with their own work and take it out on you. But that hardly ever happens and never happened to me.

  10. As an award winning newspaper columnist (now retired) I have been an off-and-on member of FanStory for a number of years. I use it to vent, get a general feel for some of my work, and to read writings that range from the excellent to the truly horrible. But, that said, everyone should write. Not everyone has the gift to win a Pulitzer (I certainly don't), but it is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. True, some of the reviews fall far short of anything a professional editor might write; but some are spot on and very helpful. It's more like a club than a place professionals would hang is no Writers Guild. It is a place for beginners to earn their wings and people like me to trot some rather strange works. So, if you are looking to have your ego stroked it will happen if you are good enough. But fair warning, if you don't have a thick skin, this is not the place to be; some reviewers can be brutal. But if you want to be a writer you will need to deal with it. Writers subsist on two things: getting published, and getting rejected. To succeed you must learn to handle both with equal grace.